Hardwood Floor Trends For 2022

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This could be another break out year for the flooring industry!

In order to figure out Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2022, let’s look back and see if we can’t predict what we think could be the leading styles in hardwood flooring this year.

Trends that had a major impact last year were:

  • Wood flooring without the traditional squeak.
  • Texture and design on hardwood floors instead of just color and sheen.
  • Pricing ( We Will Touch on this topic in another post!)

2010 brought us wood flooring with designs and patterns to it. With a lack of noise coming from the boards, we saw an increase in demand for these features. You can see this style easily in construction and remodeling jobs from that year.

2011 showed growth as far as high-end manufacturers selling floors with different textures such as lava, slate stone, and mesh metal which is growing at a faster rate than some other types of hardwood flooring materials such as cherry or walnut woods because those tend to be too expensive for some buyers.

2012 saw a lot of prefinished floors being sold in the market with big box stores selling prefinished hardwood flooring in boxes that are easy for the dyi’ers with the ease of installation, the preference for prefinished wood floors over unfinished type boards was growing more popular among buyers.

Last but not least, 2013 showed us demand for chopped strand mat which proved itself in comparison to other types of wood flooring because it has no tongue and groove or locking system needed for installation. This type is also very stable and makes less noise than other types so we expect this to grow fast as well.

Another trend we saw since then was an increase in customers asking about “green” building materials and items saying that they want to use items that are recyclable and eco-friendly. This will most likely continue into the years ahead.

Here in 2022, we will believe we will see a big demand for prefinished solid hardwood floors that are made from recycled wood and reclaimed from old buildings. We also expect customers to ask about the source of their materials and building items to make sure they can get a wooden floor with an eco-conscious conscience.

We also predict that buyers will be looking for non-toxic and organic-type materials as well as those that are made from sustainable resources such as bamboo.

Trends that we predict are coming soon but maybe not until the latter part of the year or early 2023 are the manufacturing and marketing of hardwood flooring with recyclable content. We believe it’s going to be a growing trend in the home improvement and building industries.   

Trends aside, we hope you found this post informative and engaging. Please leave any comments or queries regarding this topic below! Also, remember to follow us on social media.