How To Clean Hardwood Floors

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How to clean hardwood floors.

Cleaning hardwood floors is not that difficult once you know how to do it properly and what tools to use. In this article, we will discuss easy remedies to tackle some of the common stains one may have.

Equipment that you might need:

  • Microfiber mop and a microfiber cloth to go with it.
  • Rubber gloves – since you’ll be working with chemicals.
  • Hardwood floor cleaner – you can mix a solution of vinegar and water if you don’t have any at hand.
  • Cleaning brush – to scrub tough stains and dirt if necessary.
  • Shark steam mop – for quick cleaning and disinfection after mopping the floors with a regular mop.
    If you have pets or kids around, it’s a good idea to use a steam mop as they leave no scratches and also kill germs.

Vinegar is an amazing natural cleaner with many uses and it can be used as a floor cleaner as well. Vinegar and water solution mixed in the right ratio will clean hardwood floors without leaving any marks. It will also kill germs and give your house a fresh smell. If you don’t have vinegar or want to try something new, there are many hardwood floor cleaners on the market that work like a charm.

The microfiber mop is our favorite tool for cleaning hardwood floors as it’s easy to use, leaves no marks or scratches, and can be used on all kinds of hardwood floors.

Common Hardwood Floor Stains and Cleaning Tips

For wax stains – place a paper towel over the spot and iron over it with a hot iron. The heat from the paper towel will melt the wax and absorb it into the paper.

For dog urine stains – if your dog peed on the floor, clean up as much of the liquid as you can then cover the spot with salt to dry out any other liquid that might still be in there. After 24 hours or so, vacuum the salt and clean with vinegar and water solution.

For wine stains – mix a few drops of detergent in some warm water and place over the stain then blot it dry.

For coffee or tea stains – prepare a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide and two parts hot water. Place over the area and let sit until the coffee or tea stain is gone.

For any other stains – apply a mixture of hot water and vinegar over the spot, scrub if necessary then mop with water and rinse to remove all chemicals.

Once you are done cleaning the floors, make sure to wax them every few months to keep them looking nice for longer. Keep in mind that it’s best to clean the floors before waxing them. Have fun cleaning your hardwood floors with this guide!

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